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Great Horwood Church of England Combined School Where children learn and grow together

Years 3 and 4

  • Tony Bradman “Happy ever after” series
  • Shoo Rayner “Olympia” series, “Axel Storm” series, “Monster Boy” series
  • Andi Watson “Glister the family tree” and series
  • Michael Morpogo   “Colly’s Barn”
  • Kevin Crossley-Holland “Storm”
  • Anne Fine “Friday Surprise” “The diary of a killer cat”
  • Annette Butterworth “Jake the dog” series

Reluctant boy readers:
  • Sally Grindley “Captain Pepper pets”
  • Francesca Simon “Horrid Henry” series
  • Shoo Rayner “Monster boy” series,  “Viking Vik” “Axel Storm” series, “Olympia” series
  • Stella Gurney “My dad the hero”
  • Sandi Toksvic “The littlest Viking”
  • Jeremy Strong “ A very fishy battle”

Confident readers:
  • Roald Dahl “Fantastic Mr Fox”, “The Magic Finger”, “The enormous crocodile”, “George’s marvellous medicine”
  • John Dougherty “Zeus to the rescue” and series
  • Terry Deary's “Pirate tales” series
  • Berlie Doherty “Peak Dale Farm Stories” “The Humming machine”
  • Joel Stewart “The trouble with wenlocks”
  • Dick King-Smith “The adventurous snail”, “The guard dog”, “All because of Jackson”, 'The Sheep Pig", "The Waterhorse'
  • Tony Bradman “Beowulf the hero”, “David and Goliath”, “Robinson Crusoe”
  • Anthony Masters “Doughnut Danger”

  • Dick King-Smith “Jungle Jingles”
  • Jill Bennett “Noisy poems”, “Seaside Poems”, “Machine Poems”, “Tasty Poems”
  • John Foster “Fantastic football poems”
  • Tony Milton “Monster raps”
  • Colin West “A crocodile’s teeth”
  • Jeanne Willis “Toffee Pockets”
  • Roger Stevens “On the way to school I saw a dinosaur”