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We are grouped for our phonics/spelling sessions. Please find your weekly spellings under the name of your group teacher.


Week Friday 8th November - Thursday14th November 2019



Year 5 :  Friday 8th November due in Thursday 14th November


Reading Homework: to complete reading record so that it is completely up to date:

  • Author, date, pages and chapters read in one section

  • Parent signatures and comments

  • Child comments to be completed

  • Any reading tasks activities to be completed

(The children have been shown some good examples and should know what needs doing)


Spellings: ‘cious’ words – word test is on Thursday 14th November (words are also on the website)

Look Cover write check sheet to complete (if not already completed in school time)

Challenge words are for those who would like to do extra

Spelling task to be completed:

Choose 8 words and write a definition OR write a paragraph using as many words as possible from the lists (at least 8 of the words)


English/Music – to complete some research about the composer George Frideric Handel and create an information poster about his life. (A4 size)


Maths: Fraction Sheet


Please return all homework by Thursday of the following week.