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Extra Curricular & Enrichment

In September 2017 we watched closely as our tiny chicks pecked their way out of the eggs in an incubator at school.  We now have five lively hens and one cockerel living at the school.  Each class takes turn to care for the hens hands on for a week on a rota basis.  The children are extremely fond of the hens and look forward to their turn to feed and care for them, and to collect their eggs!  We are able to use the chickens for a range of learning opportunities in school, from science to maths! We are very grateful to everyone who supported the 'Crazy chicken' day to raise the funds to purchase the chickens. Thanks also to our committed band of local families who provide care out of school hours.  If you are able to help look after the hens at weekends or during the holiday's please contact the office. We are always on the lookout for willing volunteers.

Eggs are for sale at school at 20p each.  All donated money goes towards the hens’ upkeep.