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Rowan Class - Year 5

Welcome to Rowan Class!


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Day 2


After filling up on a delicious breakfast, we made our way into the woods for our egg challenge. In this activity, our task was to create a protective shell for our eggs so that they would not crack when being thrown around the circle! After this, we collected our kit and made our way to the pond for pond dipping. We found and collected a variety of different pond creatures which we then took back to the classroom to study further. 


This afternoon we have been shelter building out in the woods. We worked in teams to create our own shelters using only natural resources. We were lucky enough to have a treat of hot chocolate in our dens too!

We were also able to all have a go at fire ligthting, where we all managed to use a flint and steel to light our own piece of cotton wool! 


Both Mrs Webb and I have been very impressed with everyone's behaviour again today. They have remembered their manners and worked fantastically as a team to support one another. 



Day 1

The children all enjoyed having a tour around the site and looking at all the wildlife there is here. 

We then had a fantastic time orienteering and working in teams to navigate around the site. We were so good at it the instructors had to give us the extra hard maps! 

We all enjoyed dinner and had a fantastic time signing songs around the campfire. We also enjoyed toasting marshmallows and having hot chocolate. 

The children all enjoyed making their beds and had very little help from us!

Today we are looking forward to shelter building, pond dipping and egg challenge. 

We have been impressed with all the children for their good behaviour and having a go at all the activities. 

Mrs Webb and Miss Brigginshaw