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Hawthorn Class - Year 6

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Welcome to Hawthorn Class!


This page will be updated weekly with class news, our learning in Year 6 and information for parents.




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Hi everyone,

We have just finished our activities for the day and are just getting ready for bed. Here are a few pictures and messages...

Hollie - Hello! Meow! We are having a lot of fun so far.
Jasmine - The activities so far have been great and I can't wait for the others.
Amelia - had so much fun, can't wait to do all the other activities
Poppy - having a great time!
Olly and Charlie - we are having a great time. Loving the food and the catering staff, can't wait until tomorrow. We are sure the activities will be brilliant.

Hopefully everyone else is having a shower now and will be in bed soon - we have breakfast at 7am! Miss Biltcliffe is not looking forward to that!

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W/B 22.1.18


Hello Y6,

So I surprised you all this week with tests this morning, which I know some of you were quite worried about. However, I am so impressed with how well you have all done so far; there are some excellent results in both maths test! We do have tests for the rest of this week, but this regular practice is really helping you to improve.

Remember that we also have some fun curriculum activities this week too: art and cooking! Our art will be a display on the parables that Jesus taught. We are also going to be plan a healthy savoury dish to cook in the next few weeks.

​Miss Biltcliffe :)




I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to our Y6 children that took part in the Basketball competition. We came 3rd out of 18 schools which is a fantastic achievement! You were all excellent competitors and should all be very proud of what you achieved.

​Miss Biltcliffe



If you click on the Curriculum tab you will be able to see what we are going to be learning and getting up to in year 6 this term. Our new Spring homelearning grid is also on there.

Miss Biltcliffe

PS. In case you had forgotten, the last question in the maths homework is 2/5 divided by 3!






We had a great time today attending The Buckingham School to watch students there perform Beauty and the Beast. Everyone behaved brilliantly and were excellent ambassadors for the school.


W/B 11.11.17


Year 6, I would just like to say that I was really pleased with how well you all presented yourselves during our Remembrance Worship yesterday. It was a lovely service and you all spoke brilliantly.

This week we are about to start our new class text 'The Well of Sacrifice' which is all about life as a Maya child. We will also be moving on to fractions in maths.

Hopefully we will be having an Ancient Maya day in y6 soon so watch this space for the date!

​Miss Biltcliffe




 ​Jasmine, Livia, Simone, Poppy, Emily, Thomas L, Jack and Sammy,

I am really sorry but I have left the script for you Worship at school. This means that I can't remember what to put in the PowerPoint. I will pop into school tomorrow to do the slides, but don't panic! We will have time for a quick practice Monday morning. :)

​Miss Biltcliffe


W/B 2.10.17


This week we will be:

  • learning the short and long division methods;
  • having a grammar focus on synonyms, antonyms, conjunctions and parts of speech;
  • refining our note-taking and summarising skills;
  • writing a persuasive text;
  • testing the reflectiveness of materials;
  • exploring what the Maya grew and ate;
  • writing a non-chronological report on rainforests;
  • defining what equality and diversity mean to us.

​Miss Biltcliffe


W/B 25.9.17


This week we will be:

  • planning and writing a discussion text;
  • learning how to use hyphens to avoid ambiguity;
  • identifying factors, multiples and prime numbers;
  • using long and short multiplication written methods;
  • exploring pilgrimages, shrines and relics;
  • researching tropical rainforests and the layers of the rainforest;
  • writing a non-chronological report on the structure of an ancient Maya city.

Miss Biltcliffe


W/B 18.9.17


This week we will be:

  • practising our mental addition and subtraction in maths, including estimating and writing;
  • writing a discussion text on whether it is better to choose kind or choose to be right;
  • learning about implicit and explicit meaning;
  • explaining how people become saints and researching saints we know;
  • locating places in America including where the Ancient Maya civilisation settled;
  • exploring how light travels and what light sources there are;
  • beginning to learn some key phrases in German!

Miss Biltcliffe




September has arrived which means it's almost time to go back to school. I hope that all of you have had a brilliant summer holidays and are ready to get back to school. I am looking forward to seeing you all ready to learn on Wednesday with the right uniform, equipment and attitude!
Enjoy the last few days,
​Miss Biltcliffe