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Class News

Fire Safety Visit

Fire Safety Visit 1
Fire Safety Visit 2

Year 5 were lucky enough to be visited by the Bucks fire safety team where they learnt all about keeping themselves safe from fire. The children were taught the stop drop and roll technique alongside various fire prevention methods.  

Measuring angles

Measuring angles 1
Measuring angles 2
Measuring angles 3

Learning Maths in the Outdoors

Learning Maths in the Outdoors 1
Learning Maths in the Outdoors 2
Learning Maths in the Outdoors 3
Learning Maths in the Outdoors 4
Learning Maths in the Outdoors 5

Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid 1

In PSHE we have been learning about basic first aid. Before half term, we learnt about and practised the recovery position. The children enjoyed working in pairs to put their ‘patient’ into the recovery position.

Online Safety with PC Brigginshaw

Online Safety with PC Brigginshaw 1

On Friday 8th February PC Brigginshaw visited Great Horwood School to present an online safety assembly to conclude our internet safety week. During his talk, PC Brigginshaw discussed age ratings for games and the reasons for this. He also provided us with the knowledge to protect ourselves online, such as ensuring our privacy settings are up to date. Year 5 have been set a challenge over the weekend to speak to their grownups and together check their privacy settings on all games and accounts that they may have!

It's Snow Secret We Had a Fantastic Day!

It's Snow Secret We Had a Fantastic Day! 1
It's Snow Secret We Had a Fantastic Day! 2
It's Snow Secret We Had a Fantastic Day! 3
It's Snow Secret We Had a Fantastic Day! 4
It's Snow Secret We Had a Fantastic Day! 5

Apollo 11!

Apollo 11! 1

Take a look at this fantastic model created by Alexander!

Alexander received this 3D puzzle of the Apollo 11 shuttle for Christmas and has spent his weekend creating this amazing piece. He brought it in to show the class and spoke to us about the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong and his partner Buzz Aldrin.

Apollo 11 blasted off on July 16th 1969 and four days later Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon.

Alexander told us all about the different parts of the shuttle and how they all play a significant role in launching it into space.

PSHE- Staying Safe

PSHE- Staying Safe 1
PSHE- Staying Safe 2
PSHE- Staying Safe 3

In PSHE we have been learning about keeping ourselves safe. In this lesson we were focusing on how to stay safe in school. There were three thought showers created on each table and as a group we had to complete these with our own ideas about staying safe. Once complete, we then held a silent gallery where we toured the room to observe the ideas of our peers.


We greatly enjoyed being able to showcase our ideas in this way, as it made it an engaging and different lesson as opposed to writing our ideas in our books. Through presenting our work on our tables in this way we were able to view the work of the whole class at the end of the lesson.

Sewing Fun!

We have been enjoying our fortnightly enrichment activities on a Thursday afternoon. Year 5 have been designing and fashioning their own sewing creations. Some of us have developed our current sewing skills, whilst others have learnt a brand new skill in being able to complete basic sewing stitches!

Our first week back to school


We have enjoyed our first week back to school, in our newly designed Year 5 classroom. The children have been actively using our cosy reading area, where they have been exploring a variety of text types. 

In English we have been learning about explanation texts. In this picture you can see our features hunt activity where we found pieces of an explanation text, ordered these and gave reasons for our decisions. 


A note from Miss Brigginshaw:

I have really enjoyed my first week as Year 5 Teacher and I am looking forward to the learning journey ahead of us. As a class we will be visiting the school library every other Friday to provide children with a further opportunity to explore a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction. 


Picture 1

The following equipment is expected to be in school on a daily basis:

•Black handwriting or roller ball pen (not a biro)

•Blue handwriting pen (for editing)

•Pencils, sharpener and rubber

•Ruler with millimetres


•Coloured pencils

•Glue stick

•Whiteboard pen

•Pencil Case                                                  


No novelty stationery and just a small pencil case please!