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Shortenills day 2


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your messages - we've enjoyed reading them at breakfast this morning.

Yesterday, we went on a long walk and then we did shelter building. In the evening we went to the shop and then packed our bags ready to see you all later.

Amber - has Alex set up my cage?
Olivia - how is Roxy doing? Is she driving you mad?
Maeve - I'm missing nibbles and don't feed him cucumber because he doesn't like it!
Joe - having all you can eat at dinner time is great! We did den building and I enjoyed it.
Will - all the boys totally didn't wake up at 5! Oops!
Byron - I hope my puppy is doing ok. I had fun making a den.
Sam LS - I'm having so much without you all apart from Milla!
William - I don't miss my sister but i miss the rest of you. I've had lots of fun building dens.
Ramsay - I really miss you mum and dad, but it's been quite good though. I don't want to go on my cubs sleepover anymore.
Diarmuid - I'm having lots of fun!
Niamh C - has the dog bitten my sister? I woke up at 6am!

See you all later! We are leaving at half 1 so should be back at the lych gate by 3.


Shortenills Day1



We have been having lots of fun already here! We have had lunch, done orienteering, tree hugging and made our beds! We are just about to have dinner and then off for a campfire.

Georgina says we are going to eat lots of marshmallows!
James says hi to people at home!
Sam LS says he's not missing anyone!
William says he's having fun!

We will try and post some photos of our day later.


Potato Animals


We had a great day today making animals out of potatoes using just natural materials that we found in our outside areas. We went to the conservation area and used sticks, leaves, feathers and stones to name but a few to create our master pieces. These were then entered into the Village Produce Show. Ramsay, Sam L-S, Niamh R and Georgina all won in our age group.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Crazy Chicken Day

Today we had Crazy Chicken Fantastic Friday to raise money to buy eggs that are guaranteed to hatch. It was great fun doing lots of different chicken themed activities including protecting an egg using natural resources and decorating an egg. We also did chicken themed word puzzles that proved to be a little tricky. A crazy day was had by all!