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The Last Supper

The Last Supper 1
The Last Supper 2

Easter - Stations of the Cross

The children in Acorns and Conkers had great fun recreating 'The Last Supper', from the Easter story. Acorns worked together to make some dough, following a recipe for 'Navaho Bread'.

After reading the story from the Bible and looking at some artwork, we went outside. The children decided that the blocks would work well to make the table and began creating a large shape. Problem solving skills were used as they had to decide the shape of the table that would fit us sitting all around. Once the table was set, they all took their places. One child was chosen to be Jesus. She then took the bread, broke it and shared it around. We all said our Lunchtime prayer and ate the bread. Next Jesus shared the 'wine'. 

After eating and drinking we then sang one of our hymns, 'When I think about the Cross'. At this point, Rev. Andrew arrived and enjoyed the singing. 

This really was a splendid way to retell part of the story of Easter.



The children in Acorns and Conkers Class have been thoroughly enjoying themselves over these chilly winter months. Our children are robust little characters who know how to keep themselves warm, even when the thermometer reads -3*C. This is what we observed one very cold February morning:

When the children had finished zipping up their coats, pulling on their hats, scarves and gloves they excitedly ran outside to explore what effect the weather had had on their outdoor learning environment. Some were found squealing with excitement, having found a puddle that had frozen over, readying themselves to slide along in whatever manner they felt brave enough to try. Others had already found some tools to break the ice that had formed in the water trays overnight. One little boy came running over, holding between his gloved hands the largest piece of ice he could carry. He continued to hold it up, looking through it like a magnifying glass, amazed at how it glistened in the sun shine, then he smashed it on the ground with great force. Some children came running over to investigate what had happened and enthusiastically started jumping up and down, crushing the ice beneath their feet. Over in the shaded corner, two girls had decided to set up an experiment. They had found a few containers, poured water into them and asked if we could leave them alone as they planned to return to them later to check if ice had formed. A number of our toys had become stuck in the ice and so a few determined little children started trying to melt the ice around them. They persevered for a long time, and were extremely proud of themselves when eventually their toys came away. All in all we had a fantastic time making the most of the dramatic weather here in our EYFS/Yr1 outdoor learning space…and then to our delight, the snow arrived!

We are always looking to develop our outdoor resources, using real materials to build and play with. If any of you have any of the following, then we would be very grateful for any donations:

Tyres, wooden planks, wooden poles, crates, large cardboard boxes, tarpaulins, large cardboard tubes.

Thank you, from Acorns and Conkers Class.




    Spring term has started with a real bounce! The children have settled back to school, enjoying taking their next steps in learning.


    We have been reading all about a little girl from Kenya, Africa who has a best friend called Akeyo. We have read Handa's Surprise, Handa's Hen and have learned a poem all about the animals that Handa and Akeyo come across in their travels. This has helped us in our science where we have been learning the names of animals, describing them and grouping them. We have also been talking about where in the world the animals live. The children had fun trying the Kenyan accent, after listening to a Kenyan lady read it aloud. 


    This frosty weather has enabled us to create investigations about ice. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the outdoor area, observing the changes to the ice over the day. They have set up their own experiments to find out where the ice melts quickest and found that the thicker ice is more tricky to break up and melt. They have looked through pieces of ice and used big pieces of ice as ramps for their cars.


    This weather is great fun and nobody wants to miss out on all this fresh air, so please ensure your child has an extra pair of jogging bottoms, gloves, hat and scarf in school.

  • Miss Thornton

    Welcome to Acorns Class and Conkers Class


    Autumn Days...


    The children have settled happily into the routine of the week and are showing such great enthusiasm for learning through play. Our continuous provision encourages children to develop their skills and understanding through exploring their environment and making their own decisions to develop as a learner. Regular adult led challenges ensure the children are making steps forward in their learning, encouraging the children to think critically by solving problems and finding new ways to do things. We spend most of our time outdoors and use our wonderful conservation area regularly, so muddy footprints can always be seen! 

    Characteristics of Effective Learning
    This term we will be focusing on 'The Characteristics of Effective Learning' which enables the children to think of themselves as learners and identify the type of learner they are. We link this thinking to types of animals: Proud Peacocks are proud of their learning and personal successes; Go For It Gorillas take a chance and have a go; I know Rhinos play with what they know; Exploring Elephants love to explore the resources in their learning environment, and many more. Come along to the classroom to have a look at the learning journey board to see how the children are thinking about their own characteristics for learning. 

    Topic: The Big Wide World and ME
    We will be learning about families, ourselves and how we fit into our big wide world. We have already started to explore the seasons, observing the autumnal feel of the school, talking about the physical changes around us. We have been learning a poem about the wind and the Year 1s have created their own poem.


    As the weather becomes colder, don't forget to bring extra socks, jumpers and jogging bottoms to school. A warm waterproof coat is essential too.