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Acorns Class Reception

Miss Thornton

Welcome to Acorns Class - Reception


Autumn Days...



What a fun half term we have had together in Acorns class. The children have settled happily into the routine of the week and are showing such great enthusiasm for learning through play. Our continuous provision encourages children to develop their skills and understanding through exploring their environment and making their own decisions to develop as a learner. Regular adult led challenges ensure the children are making steps forward in their learning, encouraging the children to think critically by solving problems and finding new ways to do things. We spend most of our time outdoors and use our wonderful conservation area regularly, so muddy footprints can always be seen! 

Characteristics of Effective Learning
This term we have been supporting the transition into Nursery and Reception. We have been focusing on 'The Characteristics of Effective Learning' which enables the children to think of themselves as learners and identify the type of learner they are. We link this thinking to types of animals: Proud Peacocks are proud of their learning and personal successes; Go For It Gorillas take a chance and have a go; I know Rhinos play with what they know; Exploring Elephants love to explore the resources in their learning environment, and many more. Come along to the classroom to have a look at the learning journey board to see how the children are thinking about their own characteristics for learning.

Topic: You and Me
We have had a great time learning about families, ourselves and our bodies. We have talked about the similarities and differences in our own families and where we live. The children enjoyed learning about the skeleton and were fascinated with x-rays of different parts of the body. 
They celebrated the Christian festival of Harvest investigating foods and growing. They also had a great time learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali, dressing up in traditional Asian costumes, creating divas and dancing to Indian music. 
We work hard to improve our fine motor skills through 'funky finger' activities such as threading beads, manipulating dough and finger painting. We are lucky to have a large play area and use this to develop gross motor skills through running, jumping, balancing and riding on scooters and balance bikes.

As the weather becomes colder, don't forget to bring extra socks, jumpers and jogging bottoms to school. A warm waterproof coat is essential too.

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